Vendor Introductions: Part Three

We’re back with more Vendor Introductions!  Today we are starting out with Sarah of Bubblegum Sass.

1. What do you make/sell?

I create one of a kind accessories for women and kids and adorable home decor items, including my own version of the dreamcatcher, called a Love Catcher.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

I started my handmade business after years of nagging (ok, encouragement) from my friends. I had been making unique things for family & friends since a very young age and they were certain that others would appreciate them too. With help, I finally started thinking about my creativity as a gift and a way of life, not just a random hobby. The first official Bubblegum Sass products were items that friends had loved and my wonderful friends have continued to influence my business.

My incredible love of buttons has started to inspire much of my work, as well as my desire to upcycle materials. From hair clips to cuff bracelets to Love Catchers, my work though varied, all embraces my interest in colour, fiber texture, and femininity in a handmade shabby chic style.

3. Is there anything else you’d like to tell others about what you do?

Let’s face it. Life is hard. That’s why Bubblegum Sass is more than a business for me. It is also a means to maintain my sanity. Through good times and especially through difficult times, the blessing of crafting & creating helps me keep my hands & mind focused on what I can do, and my eyes focused on the beauty in this world. Sharing all of that with my customers and friends is icing on the cake.

You can find Sarah here:






Bubblegum Sass2

Bubblegum Sass



Next up we have Amanda of Nerd Mart Customs.

1. What do you make/sell?

I make Upcycled Comic Book jewellery, household items such as lamps, coasters, Kleenex box holders and even furniture. I have also recently expanded into Comic Book Flowers.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

I am in love with the beauty of Comic Book art and want to share that love with others. I am always looking for new and creative things to make. I started making furniture for myself which lead to other items, friends and other people started to request items from me and I decided to open an Etsy store to expand and share the nerd love.

3. Is there anything else you’d like to tell others about what you do?

I am passionate about providing a good quality product that is unique and special. Every item is made with love by me and I never duplicate my work. I take custom requests and am happy to work with you to make exactly what you want.

You can find Nerd Mart Customs here:


Instagram: @nerd_mart_customs

Nerd Mart Customs

Nerd Mart Customs2


Next up we have Suzanne of Tinged.

1. What do you make/sell?

I make and sell a mixture of art prints and jewellery.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

Creating art is peaceful for me sot is the perfect way to relax after a long day. My inspiration comes from many different sources, whether its from seeing something in nature or reading a book. I love all things shiny and all things nature. It ends up for an interesting mix at times.




Our next vendor is Amanda of Muladhara Yoga.

1. What do you make/sell?

I make and sell comfortable, functional and vibrant yoga/lounge wear. Spandex leggings, crops and shorts in plain colors and prints, sports bras and screen printed tank tops from bamboo or organic cotton materials.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

2. I initially started making yoga leggings purely out of the need to have something to teach yoga in that fit me properly – at 6’2” it’s difficult to find leggings long enough! I began to make them for other instructors and clients at my studio who noticed the unique prints and colors i was using. From there the business has grown organically. My mission now is to provide an alternative, handmade line of comfortable clothing inspired by the world around me – prints and patterns from exotic places, as well as themes drawn from art, nature and yoga. I want to present people with something that is unique and fashionable, yet made from sustainable quality materials and within a reasonable price range.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

Currently I have a small team of 2-4 (depending on current volume) fun-loving, hard working and detail oriented people who work with me from my small home-based workshop right here in calgary. Everything is handmade from start to finish with the utmost care. We love working together and the positive, hilarious and relaxed work environment is what I always dreamed of! The whole team contributes ideas, whether design or business related, and I could never have made it this far without them.

Muladhara can be found on:

Facebook –
Instagram – @muladharayoga
Twitter – @muladharayoga
Web –

muladhara yoga
muladhara yoga2



Finally for today we have Amanda of Dubbele Dutch Crafts.

1. What do you make/sell?

I make one of a kind Knitwear for Canadians. Mittens, Toques, Scarves, Thrummed Mittens. I also do custom knit orders, so depends what the customers dream up, I make it all!

2. Why do you make/sell it? What Inspires your work?

I Love making knitted and crocheted items because of the variety of fibers and colours there are so many beautiful things you can create, my knitting bucket list is over flowing! I am inspired by the fact that my materials are minimal. I can make a full blanket from a few skeins of wool and one pair of needles or one hook and that is awesome!

3.Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

All my pieces are unique in colour and style made with my own patterns I created. The only time you will see double of my work is if someone custom orders something I’ve already made. Even then it will not be exactly the same. My most popular item is the Thrummed Mittens which are made with 100% wool and tiny Roving Hearts that when worn for a period of time will create a insulator inside your mitt. Really warm and all natural.

You can find Dubbele Dutch Crafts here:


Instagram: @dubbeledutchcrafts

Twitter: @DubbeleDutch


Dubble Dutch
Dubble Dutch2


Vendor Introductions : Part Two

We are continuing our vendor introductions today with Chika Ando!  Some of you may remember Chika from last years event and we’re really happy to have her return as a vendor again for 2015.

1. What do you make/sell?

I sell my illustrations; not only as prints but also as lino-cut greeting cards, magnets, hand-painted compact mirrors, buttons and pouches.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

My emotions, thoughts, and curiosity inspire me to express them in my very own 2D way. Drawing has always been a big part of my life and it was a natural path to pursue my passion as a career.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

To me, drawing is like talking to a therapist but what I find more joy out of is to receive positive feedback from others about my artwork. If my piece can make a person laugh, it makes me smile. If someone tells me that my drawings affect their daily life, even in the slightest, I feel like I won a super magical hidden medal! I find the meaning of what I do through all the lovely people out there. I am truly grateful to have such amazing support.

I’d like to add that I do not only draw for myself – I am always happy to do commissioned works as well!

You can find Chika here:

Instagram: @Chika.Ando
Twitter: @Chika_Ando

Arts DisplayMirrors

Next up we have Leonie Vatter of Maple and Oak Designs.

1.What do you make/sell?

Maple and Oak Designs is mostly me, Leonie. I am the owner, designer & maker at Maple and Oak Designs. Originally from lovely Lübeck in northern Germany, I travelled in Australia, Latin America, North America and Europe for a couple of years until I found my current home in sweet Calgary close to the Canadian Rockies.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

It is my passion to design and sew vintage inspired, funky and bold fashion accessories. I went to university to study history in my early twenties and even though I don’t work directly in that field anymore, my fascination with historic topics remains. Old photos, historic artifacts, old diaries and fashions of times gone by inspire my designs as much as nature, flowers, clouds and animals do. Another big source of inspiration is travelling, I always try to travel as much as I can to fill my head with new impressions and creativity.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

I believe in living as eco-conscious as possible, which is one of the reasons why I mainly work with reclaimed and vintage fabrics. When I do, I make a point of choosing organic fabrics or fabric remnants. Incorporating upcycled fabrics in my designs enables me to create unique and one of a kind items while minimizing my impace on the environment. Another advantage of using recycled fabrics is that they already tell you a story and I always known what kind of accessory they’re going to be as soon as I see them. Textile waste is a huge problem, and landfill sites are full of discarded fabrics like old clothes and home decor, but also vintage fabrics. Maple and Oak Designs is committed to help reduce the strain on the planet’s resources by saving old fabrics from becoming landfill and up-cycling them into new fun accessories.

I am also the writer of “The Maple and Oak Diaries” – the Maple and Oak blog which I really enjoy as it gives me the opportunity to combine my background in History and English with my work as an Indiepreneur. The Maple and Oak Diaries cover topics that are dear to me: Maple and Oak news (of course), travels (with a handmade twist), tutorials and my craft and art projects, funky accessories (did I mention I’m an accessory addict?), bi-national relationships & sharing the (handmade) love.

You can find Maple and Oak Designs here:

Instagram: @mapleandoak
Twitter: @mapleandoak

Maple and Oak2Maple and Oak

Next we have Lara Lamb of Lamb’s Soapworks.

1. What do you make/sell?

Lamb’s Soapworks is an Airdrie, Alberta, Canada based soap and body care business hand-crafting small batches of artisanal products with pure natural ingredients.

2. Why do you make/sell it?

What inspires your work?- My passion is creating. I am inspired by the colours and smells that are all around us in our natural world. Our skin is the biggest organ in our body. It is important to me to keep my family and others healthy by promoting the use of natural body products.

3.  Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

My name is Lara Lamb and I am the creator behind Lamb’s Soapworks. My passion is creating. My goal is to provide clients with the best quality pure body care and soap products to keep their skin feeling healthy. After all, your skin is your body’s biggest organ and it is important to keep your skin feeling clean, moisturized, and smelling good without the use of harsh chemicals and detergents!

Everything that I create and sell is tried and tested by the people that mean the most to me, my family. What we wouldn’t use, I wouldn’t sell.

You can find Lara here:


Lamb Soapworks2Lamb Soapworks

Next we have Heidi of Hekkal and Hyde.

1. What do you make/sell?

I make one-of-a-kind handbags and reusable snack bags.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

My training as an artist was in drawing and painting, but my true love is textiles. Hekkal & Hyde is about using what is available to make something new and original. It’s the employment of beautiful textures sourced from unconventional places. My love for unconventional colour and design inspires my work. I am drawn to the idea that something doesn’t have to remain its’ original incarnation. A fabric sample book is reborn as a handbag, why not?

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

Creating something vibrant and useful from small, unwanted pieces of fabric and leather is making the most of what we have, as opposed to always consuming more. This is what I hope to convey as an artist and a mother.

You can find Hekkal and Hyde here:
Twitter: @hekkalandhyde
Instagram: @hekkalandhyde

Hekkal and Hyde2Hekkal and Hyde

Finally for today we have Avalanche Artisans.

1. What do you make/sell?

Avalanche Artisans hand turns mens luxury shaving products and “Other Sharp Stuff.”  Made from unique items such as Buffalo Horn, inside Buffalo Horn, Deer Antler, Caribou Antler, African Wart Hog, exotic sustainable woods as well as locally harvested woods (River Birch from our own property) and a combination of all.  We inlay hand ground Arizona Turquoise, and assorted hues of other semi-precious minerals.  We have a robust process for conditioning our wood which infuses stunning hues of colour thru the wood and helps waterproof the item.  For added flare, we have been known to steampunk both razors, brushes and pens.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

Our work started with a simple “Lets make pens for the kids for Christmas” and grew into this very cool little family based business.  All of our kids are involved in some way!  Our work is inspired by our lifestyle.  We live on a small acreage with horses, dogs, cats and chickens whom are all well loved.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

We take great pride in both our work and our relationship with our customers.  We love doing custom work and working with clients to make that “perfect gift”!

You can find Avalanche Artisans here:

Twitter:  @avalancheartsns
Instagram:  @avalancheartisans



2015 Vendor Introductions

The 2015 Vendor Lineup is here!  Over the next few weeks we will be introducing this years vendors, five at a time.

Our first Vendor Introduction is Romina of Wooly Gems. We asked Romina a couple of questions and here’s what she told us.

1. What do you make/sell?

Knits knits knits!! and some Crochet …Mostly accessories but love making chunky baby sweaters/vests…they look like little old people its adorable.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

Knitting started out as a hobby passed down from my Mother and then kind of took over my life! It brings me so much joy when I see others wearing my work! Inspiration comes from everywhere! I love neutral, simple designs but also crave a good vibrant color.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

I love love love a challenge… If you think of a design or a color combo I would love to make it!! Seeing what inspires others inspires me!

You can find Romina on Instagram: @woolygems


Next up we have Amanda Parker of Marian + Hazel.

1. What do you make/sell?

Marian + Hazel is an expanding collection of jewellery, visual art, lighting, and home accessories that is both modern and refined. Each piece is completely handmade and therefore unique. All of the pieces are created using non-traditional and/or recycled materials employing shapes and textures inspired by nature.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

I take great joy in the maker role, especially when I get to meet the individuals purchasing my work. I think if you are going to make something it should be timeless, meaningful and beautiful. I am completely in awe by the tiny details in nature, especially those not seen by the naked eye. I am constantly studying macro photography of seed pods and coral and I love how nature has a way of organizing itself.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

I take a lot of pride in the fact that all of my pieces are completely hand made without the use of moulds or bought parts, and I like the amount of control I have in the design as a result.

You can find Amanda here: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Amanda Parker, Lotus Pendant

Cultures Series Leeubekkie

Up next is Kim of Sleepy Holow Leather.

1. What do you make/sell?

I make hand-carved and stamped leather items like horse tack, purses, dog collars, belts, wallets, and journal covers to name a few. I also do hand beaded items and wire wrapped gem stones and semi-precious stones incorporated into my leather work. I also do knitted items like hats, scarves and mitts during the winter!

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

Leather is a medium that allows such limitless creativity, rich in history and tradition, and it allows me to incorporate so many other artistic outlets that I love to do, like beading, painting, and wire wrapping, sewing, and drawing.  I am most inspired my my mentor who is an amazing saddle maker and has such a vast knowledge of the history of leather work and traditional styles.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

I am a one-woman shop, so everything is handmade by me! That being said making leather items (and beaded items too) take time as there are several steps in the process to create something, from drawing the pattern, to carving and stamping the design, and the multiple finishing steps! I take great pride in my work and I strive to provide my customers unique custom items that will last a lifetime!

You can find Kim here: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and her website.


Carly of Folly a Tet makes amazing felted creations and weavings.

1. What do you make/sell?

Fibre based jewelry, accessories, and decor pieces. I use traditional techniques such as felting and weaving to create contemporary wearable art.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

I love creating pieces that are not only visually interesting, but with tactile appeal as well. I am inspired by colour, nature, and vintage aesthetics.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

Each Folly a Tet piece is one of a kind, and made from sustainable, natural materials such as local Merino wool and recycled silk threads.

You can find Folly a Tet here: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Folly a Tet
Folly a Tet2

Finally for today, we have Tammy of Three Small Fry Prims.

1. What do you make/sell?

100% cotton flour sack tea towels, prim style ornaments, and dolls.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

I love to bring smiles to peoples faces.  I love to create, and try new techniques.

You can find Three Small Fry Prims here: Twitter, and Facebook.




Getting Started on Etsy: Part 5 – Promotion

It’s Part 5 and the final post in our Getting Started on Etsy series. You’ve got everything set up, your shop is filled with listings, it’s time to let people know that you’re ready! One can not rely on titles and tags alone so today we’re going to talk a bit about promotion!

There are many avenues to explore when it comes to promoting your shop. I am by no means an expert but I am going to touch base on a few places that have really helped me along the way.

Teams – there are many different kinds of teams on Etsy. Teams can be based on geographical location, products, promotion, Etsy help, support, etc. No matter which kind you join, Teams are a wonderful resource for support and promotion. I’ve made sales through my teams, business connections and collaborations and lasting friendships with people all over the world that I would have otherwise never met. Teams also provide opportunity to be involved with Etsy on a different level like test groups or even becoming market organizers! Be active on your teams. Post in team threads, respond to team convos, participate in team promotions or sales. The more active you are the more likely you will be to make connections and help build a shop following on and off Etsy. Explore the thousands of Etsy Teams to find some that interest you or become a Team Captain and start a team of your own!

Social Media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are kind of like the big four but there are many others. Social media is a great place to communicate your brand. Post about your process, when you’ve added a new listing, what market you’ll be selling at next, etc. Be sure to include some posts about your personal life such as family, hobbies, travels, etc. so that buyers and followers can feel more connected to you and the items they purchase. Also within Etsy be sure to activate Facebook and Twitter so that buyers can follow you directly from your shop page! Go to Shop Settings and then Info & Appearance. Social media is great because it’s a convenient place for buyers to follow you and keep up to date on your shops happenings (new listings, sales, vacation dates, limited edition products, etc.).

Don’t forget to follow Etsy and Etsy Canada, Etsy Teams you belong to, potential markets in your area, other sellers, etc. on social media too. Like teams, social media is a great place to make connections and keep up to date on what’s happening. Be sure to like and comment on others posts. Think of it as virtual networking!

Blogs – Find blogs with similar themes to your shop and start commenting on the posts. Offer to write a guest post for the blog such as a diy or product roundup. Typically at the bottom of your guest post you would include a short bio about yourself and you can include a link to your Etsy shop. Doing guest posts on blogs can give you some weight as a professional and expert in your field which attracts buyers to want to know more about your products and possibly even buy from you.

Another great way to utilize blogs is to create one of your own. You can show behind the scenes photos of your workshop/office as well as info about the process that goes into make your products. Just like social media be sure to also post about your personal life too. Include recipes, photos from your travels, diy’s and tutorials, your hobbies. These posts allow buyers to get to know you better and feel more connected to the purchase they’ve made or are thinking about making.

About Page – On Etsy be sure to fill out your About page. Tell the story behind your shop and how you started. Share how you came up with your shop name. Explain why you use the materials you do or where they’re sourced from. Add a personal touch to your About page by including some family details or tell why you live where you do. The About page is the best place within Etsy to really tell your story to potential buyers and followers. Use all 5 photos spots to show pictures of your products as well as behind the scenes photos of your workshop and process. Include yourself in some of the photos too! It’s always fun to see the face behind the products. Finally, add your social media and blog links on your About page too so people can follow you off of Etsy as well.


Final Tips:
Sign up with the same shop name on every site (social media sites and blog for example) so that people can find you easily and there’s consistency within your brand.

Maintain a well stocked shop (at least one page of listings). Having a well stocked shop gives a professional and organized feel to your shop, it offers variety and provides more opportunity to get featured both on and off of Etsy. As someone who features a lot of shops nothing bothers me more than finding a great shop only to discover that they only have 3 or 4 listings. Buyers will feel the same way!

Photos, photos, photos!! Sometimes it’s the mood or emotion that the photo evokes that pushes a buyer over the edge when it comes to committing to the sale so spend some time and really perfect your photos. Use natural lighting and make sure to be consistent with your photos. Use the same setting or similar backgrounds and photo props to create a cohesive look throughout your shop. Good photographs give off a sense of professionalism so use them to your advantage.


We’ve covered a lot in this series. We wanted to give you a general overview of how to get started on Etsy but don’t be afraid to click around the site yourself. Explore what other tools Etsy has to offer such as Vacation Mode, Etsy Widgets and Badges, Coupon Codes, Stats, Gift Cards, the list goes on! Check out the Etsy Seller Handbook and Etsy Help to find out more about the topics we’ve covered and many other areas of Etsy. Hopefully after reading through this series you can feel confident about starting your shop and seeing where your business can go!

Don’t forget to use our code CALGARY on the promotions page to receive your first 20 listings free! If you have any questions about anything in this series please post a comment! We’d love to hear from you! Happy selling!

Lindy, Hilda and Jillian

Getting Started on Etsy
Part 1 – What’s Involved
Part 2 – Initial Set Up
Part 3 – Photography
Part 4 – Titles and Tags
Part 5 – Promotion

First image photo by Forage Photo & Design



Getting Started on Etsy: Part 4 – Titles and Tags

You’ve got your products, you’ve opened a shop and now you’ve got a boat load of awesome photos. It’s time to fill up your shop and make some sales! I’m not going to go into too much detail about all the different sections of adding a listing to your shop because Etsy has already done that in this great article, Listing a Physical Item. Listing an item is very straight forward but if you have any questions about what any of the sections mean be sure to check out that article.

What I do want to discuss are Titles, Tags and Descriptions. These sections of creating a listing are important for not only giving your buyer a clear idea of what your item is all about but they’re also really important for getting found by Etsy and search engines.

Title – The words you use in your titles are used by Etsy and search engines to find your item so make sure your titles are clear with the most important keywords at the beginning of your title. Try to think like a buyer when coming up with keywords for your titles. What keywords would a potential buyer use to find your item (what it is, what colour is it, what material is it made out of, who is it for, etc.). Like in the example below don’t just put “Bag” as your title as it’s not descriptive enough and therefore thousands of bags will show up in the search. Think about other keywords that shoppers will use to find your item and therefore narrow down the search. Highlight these keywords by putting them in your title.

Getting Started on Etsy - Part 4
Tip – if you’re having a hard time coming up with keywords try typing a few into the Search bar on Etsy. When you do this a list of other similar keywords will show up underneath. These keywords are actual search terms that potential buyers have used to find items similar to yours. Take a look at these and see if any of them would work for your particular item.

Here are two great articles that talk more about Titles and SEO,
Using Listing Titles to get Found in Search
Shop Improvement and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Tags – You are allowed to use up to 13 tags for each listing and each tag can be a word or short phrase up to 20 characters. Be sure to repeat the keywords you used in your title also in your tags. Check your shop stats to see what tags are working and which ones aren’t. Experiment with different tags in your own listings and then revisit your stats to see if there are any changes. Also consider the time of year. Tags that might not work in the summer might make total since in the Winter for Christmas shoppers. Think about the seasons and how potential buyers might search for items at different times of the year. This article is great for giving you ideas for tags, Brainstorming Keywords for Tags and Titles. And, I’m going to say it again, think like a buyer!!

Getting Started on Etsy - Part 4
Tip – not only are categories used for the category search on Etsy but they’re also included as part of your tags. If you’ll notice above there are 16 tags rather than the 13 that Etsy allows you. That’s because the first 3 are actually the terms you pick when choosing your Category sections. That means that you don’t have to repeat the same words in your tags because they’re already there.

Description – while there isn’t any major priority given to the description when it comes to being found by Etsy and search engines it is a very important area for telling your buyer what your product is all about. The description can answer questions such as, size, colour, material, quantity, how it’s made, how it’s shipped, etc. You don’t want your buyer to be left wondering or worse yet be surprised by something when your item arrives at their door. Again, think like a buyer and be sure to include any potential information they might be wondering about. With that said though, try to be as clear as possible by using short paragraphs and bullet points. Below is a great example of how to write a product description. You can also find some wonderful tips in this article, How to Write Enticing Item Descriptions.
Getting Started on Etsy - Part 4
Tip – if you’re having a hard time coming up with 13 tags for your listing take a look at your description. You may have included some great keywords in your description that you hadn’t even thought of yet. Test a few in your titles and tags and see how they work.

Titles and tags can be tricky but they’re one of the most important parts of your shop so revisit them often. For even more great tips on titles and tags check out this article, How to Get Found In Search.

Lindy, Hilda and Jillian

Getting Started on Etsy
Part 1 – What’s Involved
Part 2 – Initial Set Up
Part 3 – Photography
Part 4 – Titles and Tags
Part 5 – Promotion

First image photo by Trashtiques
Tag and Description example photos from the shop Splurge.


2015 Etsy: Made in Canada Vendor List

Salt Water TeaCrafted By Lindy Hekkal and Hyde2Logee Photography - Lille Wood BlockAmanda Parker, Lotus PendantIMG_0171Bubblegum Sass2










We are very excited to share this year’s vendor list for the Calgary edition of Etsy: Made in Canada

Find all the vendors below.  Clicking on each name will bring you directly to each vendors Shop on Etsy.

Wapta Knitting Co

Jewelry by Amanda

Nerd Mart Customs

Muladhara Yoga Wear

Amanda Parker Design

Dubbele Dutch

Quadrophonic Image

Magpie Quilts

Ollie and Dots 

Becky Warren Design


Pet Portraits by Bri


Diesel Clay

Buttercream Clothing

Folly a Tet

Twisted Links Jewelry



Chika Ando

Purple Pony Art



Le Petit Coco

Avalanche Artisans

Donna D Store

Ellie Greets & Unique Art

Mug’s Emporium

Giselle Clothing Design

Heather Buchanan

Mumble Tease

Cosmikgoo cards + prints

Hekkal and Hyde

Handmade Therapy

Handmade Therapy Kids

Light Tech

JB Leather Supply

Jen Gregoire

Jennea Frischke Jewelry

Hop & Flop

Logee Photography

Snip Snap Stitch

Pink Chicken Creations

Mini Bytes

Wee Thing Mee

Billie Boone Vintage

Milk and Honey

JDB Mercantile

Sleepy Holow Leather & Custom Beading

Wire Expressions

Harper’s Hats

Joy of Little Creations

Lamb’s Soapworks

Simple Birds

Maple And Oak Designs

Linda Cote Studio

The Village Hound

Lost In Layers

Crafted by Lindy

YYC Beeswax Ltd

Cuddle My Bug

Anitas Peg Dolls


Mackenzie Jones

Lively Leaf Designs

Salt Water Tea

Bears For Friends

PK Arts and Crafts

Handmade by Patricia

Khokho Designs

The Bleached Tee


Pink Sun Malas

Juniper and Jay Designs

Bubblegum Sass

Jewelry by Saveria

The Otter & The Owl

Heart ‘n Soul Handbags

Garden Villa Arts

Tribes + Society

Stevie + Bean Paperie

Needle and Pine

One Hundred Monkeys

The Art of Summer Breeze


Medicine River Soap Co.

Sonder + Stone

Three Smallfry Primitives

Vintage in My Dreams

Lucky Wall

Trisha Flanagan

Tracey Cameron Creative

Harmony Grace Designs

Pet Portraits by Brianna

The Bleached Tee2Stevie and Bean

LINDA COTEMagpie QuiltsHeather BuchananDubble Dutch2