Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

Dear Etsy: Made in Canada Day – fans,

This is the last one of our vendor introduction posts. I hope you enjoyed the little preview of what’s to come on Friday + already started writing your shopping lists.

I can’t wait to see all your lovely faces in just 4 days!

Leanne of Little Me Paper Co. just know how to capture the essence of a thing or a person with just a few lines in her unique whimsical style. Sooo cute and funny!

Eeeeek! Lindsay of Lost in Layers makes the best kimonos this side of the pacific! Colourful, flowy and perfect for layering – which is the best thing about fall, right?

Little W Studio are Christin and Evan. And their creations are super pretty signs made out of wood. Beautiful calligraphy with a rustic touch. Sweet!


Last but not least, I should probably introduce myself. I’m Leonie and I designs and make fun headbands, scarves and other awesome accessories from vintage, reclaimed and retro fabrics with my brand Maple And Oak Designs.


Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

TGIF! And I can’t wait for next week Friday, time really flies when you’re having fun and to keep you entertained over the weekend, here come another nine of our incredibly amazing vendors:


Light Tech if you like quirky but useful things, this is the place for you. These two guys love to make interesting lamps!

Jenny of Hop’n’Flop loves to draw whimsical animals and make silly puns. We love her for it!

Illo Leather is Sara’s passion. She makes beautiful and minimalist leather creations – everything made without the use of any machines. Gorgeous!

Homebody by Sara Girletz – this Sara shares with us her unique collection of vintage, edgy, upcycled, mixed media art and home decor. She really likes houses, did you notice?

Heidi is the mastermind behind Hekkal & Hyde – her eco-conscious brand for which she fashions one-of-a-kind bags with vintage or repurposed fabrics. They are super stylish while being super good for the environment at the same time, yay!

Heather Buchanan loves to paint. Lots of her delightful paintings have references to popular culture and are just hillarious. And does anyone collect pins? I swear, you’ll walk away with more than one from her booth!

Grounded Tea are handblended teas. The ingredients sound so deliscious – who else is a tea addict?

Friday Sock Co. are mismatched matching socks with gleeful motives. Designed by Adam here in Calgary with the help of his wife Leanne and their cute little daughter Ella but ethically made in Italy with high quality cotton. Yes, please!

Claudia draws the sweetest little animals for us with her business Endless Tales. Oh, I could see the room of some little cuties being decorated with these!


Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

Happy hump day!

I can’t believe that it’s just over a week to go to Etsy: Made in Canada Day! The weather really seems to turn to fall and I’m slowly getting into the mood to start my holiday shopping super early and be really organized this year. How about you? Here comes a little intro to a few more of our talented vendors:


Kristi of Wire Expressions creates the best little gift items and silver jewellery with wire. Oh, I can see one of those as part of my holiday gift wrapping!

Jackie definitely is an adventure girl. She curates the best collections with her brand Lacebrickdesign. Cute camping mugs, sweet t-shirts and cozy blankets, you’ll love it!

Konjo Handmade are the most darling fabric dolls by Jennifer. Oh gosh, whose little ones would love one of these?

Chantal knits and even better: designs knitting patterns! You just have to visit Knitatude’s stand and treat yourself to something cozy.

Did somebody say party? Kathy of KiwiTini Creations is your one-stop-party-shop! From cupcake topper to delightful favour bags, she’s got you covered.

Jewelnotes  is Michelle’s creative love. She makes glass jewellery and other glass item. The colours are so mesmerizing, I can’t stop looking at her photos!

Jennifer Joan Skincare creates oil blends in the most devine fragrances. For you body and hair but also for your guy’s beard!

Jennea Frischke is one awesome lady! She’s a metalsmith and makes everything in her home studio right here in Calgary.

And then there’s Jen Gregoire Photography. Jennifer’s image are often rural, natural and romantic but the most stunning part is her unique way of editing her photos so that the colours pop amazingly!


Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

Oh, we’ve got so many marvellous artisans this year. 110 to be precise! Well, let’s have a look at a few of them:

Anne Tranholm creates colourful and cheerful jewellery with her drawing and shrink plastic. Her geometric designs make for brilliant statement accessories and will definitely make you happy.

Nikki of Bound and Determined Books loves books. She binds all her books by hand using handmade paper. How cool is that?

Creationz by Catherine are the most awesome sewn items with a retro twist. Have you ever seen an Ipad sleeve that looks like a ham tv + dinner? So retro!


Sam of Critter Transmitter says that drawing animals makes her happy. And you know what?!? Looking at her drawings of animals makes us happy. Win – win!

Dixie & Twine stands for super fun party decorations. Glitter garlands, straws with sassy flags and confetti everywhere – I’d love to live in Amber’s party world!

Dutchie M Design are rustic farmhouse clocks handmade by Manja. Wouldn’t this one look amazing in your kitchen?

The Ellebee Tree is Leslie’s way of sharing her superb fabric stash with us. Cute make-up pouches, throw cushions with witty quotes and elegant jewellery. I can’t even.

The item Ellie Ears is most famous for must be her positional support pillows. But Chrissy also designs hooded towels, cuddle blankets and more – everything for a comfortable, safe and fun life with the little ones.

Elisa of Ellie Greets draws funky and seriously funny greeting cards. This is the place to stock up on your birthday, Christmas and wedding cards!



Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

Happy Tuesday, Calgary!

If you’re a bit sad that summer is coming to an end, don’t be. We’ve got a bunch of amazing vendors whose products will make you look forward to fall and our Etsy: Made in Canada Day!

Red Paper Boutique are two moms, best friends and mental health nurses. They chose to use paper as the medium through which they want to connect people and make us realize the importance of perspective and humor. How wonderful!

Heather of Mumble Tease is the queen of weirdness and whimsy. Her eclectic designs and happy colour choices make you smile, laugh out loud or maybe wonder a little. We love her!

One of the best things that were popular in the 70’s and that made a recent come back? Macrame and Moonshadow Macrame makes exquisite macrame for plant hangers or other wall decorations.

M Mackenzie Jones is inspired by flora and fauna as well as memory and nostalgia. And she translates these feelings into beautiful jewellery so we can all have a little piece of the mountains with us, every day.

Molly and Vi are Sarah’s creations and she just loves to craft delightful nursery and home decor. So sweet!

Talking abour nursery decor: Erin of Mod Menage has the most darling prints to make your little ones room a little more homey.

But of course your mini me’s have to have something stylish to wear! Look no further than Mini Way Co.

Migrant Muse Designs are Portia’s creative endeavour. She creates painted abstract jewelry with a touch of gold leaf. Oh, so colourful, sparkly and shiny!

Master Ark’s creations are just as fascinating as his story. He first started making medieval jewellery some 35 years ago, then life changed, he sold his business and moved around the world. Life changed again to bring him back to his roots and bring us his wonderful work inspired by the Celts, Vikings and Saxons.



Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

Not quite counting down the days yet but definitely the weeks: only 3 weeks until Etsy: Made in Canada Day here in Calgary! Our artisans are probably starting to stock up and make as many items as they can, so you’ve got the best choice. Here’s a little peek at who will have a booth at our market:

Bill of Whiskey Trail Woodwork turns wood into luxurious bowls and other items for your home. A natural, rustic look is just the right things for those that like the cabin feel all year around.

WLC studio  custom pet tags, do I need to say more? But that’s not all, Wanderlust Creatures also makes pinboard maps to mark all the places you’ve been to.

Brass, bronze and gemstones are Sophie’s favourite materials. Inspired by ancient jewellery, she creates beautiful pieces with her brand  Tribes + Society.

Trashtiques – two sisters and their love for vintage. The funkiest kitchen tools from the 50’s and 60’s are what makes their heart beat faster. I’m sure yours as well!

Stone Willow Jewellery are stunning pieces of jewellery. Nicole wanted to share her desire to be connected to nature in a sophisticated and pretty way and I think she definitelty achieved that goal.

Kelsey of Sem Label sews with only the prettiest of fabrics. Just the right thing for your little one, oh how cute are her designs!

Salty Sea Dog Designs  are not your grandma’s pottery. The husband and wife duo Sarah and Blair create ocean-inspired mugs and more. Current obsession: my octopus mug!

Nicole of Salt Water Tea Jewelry mostly crafts gemstone jewellery but also lovely fragranced candles and sometime the odd knitted item. And what would go better together than that mix of delightful items?

Her love of rust, old wood and typography pushed Tiffany to start her artisan business Rural Creative here in Calgary. She makes rustic wooden signs and home decor with pretty lettering and we love it.



Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

Let’s not talk much but directly have a look at who else will showcase their wonderful handmade creations at this year’s Etsy: Made in Canada Day, the Calgary edition!

There are Adrian Martinus, two brothers who love to skate and upcycle their skateboards into wonderfully colourful woodwork. How amazing is that?

And we’ve got Angela E Smyth – a nature loving artist, whose favourite motives are plants and animals but in her own unique and creative style.

Beatnik Vinyl sells the best records Calgary has to offer.  Kristin lives her fathers dream and you can see her driving around town in her mobile record shop.


Bronze and Butterflies is Crystal’s shop. She designs and makes small batch jewellery. Sooo pretty!

Sam is the mastermind behind Catfriendo. She cuts paper into whimsical, delicate art works. We’re so impressed by her precision and skill!

With her brand Cerise de Lune, Angela makes the most lovely things for us. Key chains, zipped pouches and felt pencil cases, I’m sure you’ll find something you like!

Derek Goodbrand a plumber by trade, he know dreams up super stylish furniture with plumbing supplies. We are fascinated by this industrial chic!

Crafted Origins  are the most delightful little super-hero dolls that Kasia sews. Oh what an inspiration for little (and big) girls!

Have you ever seen fused glass fried eggs? They’re so cool and just one of the many items that Belinda Glass Studio brings to live in her kiln.


Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

And here comes the next installment of our vendor introduction series for Etsy: Made in Canada in just a few weeks here in Calgary!

Romina of  Wooly Gems crochets and knits the coziest shawls and mittens and tops and lots of other comfy goodies. Oh, I can’t wait for fall to cozy up in one of those!

Beautiful carved white porcellain with dark and golden designs are White Owl Porcelain’s  specialty. Laura’s creations are delicate and wonderful!

What a brilliant idea! That’ a Bees Wax Wrap – the name explains it all. An ecofriendly alternative to plastic wrap or sandwhich bags, we love it!


Suzanne of Tinged draws intricate and colourful creatures. And of course you can find her high quality prints at our market!

Shop Jot  is Cori’s creative endavour. She makes the loveliest acessories for writing instruments. Perfect for back to school!

Shop JaMi makes printed coin purses, fabric earrings and much more. So adorable!


Wooden boards, cute growths charts and hexagon shelves are what Mug’s Emporium designs and fabricates. How sweet are these?

I feel like almost everyone is doing yoga these days and for a good reason. Too feel even more comfortable in your body, you should try Muladhara Yoga wear. Fun and comfy!

Needle And Pine  are a sweet husband and wife duo with a huge love for our mountains. So bring the mountains into your home with their mountain pillows and mountain shelves!


Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

Good evening, Calgary!

It’s time to introduce you to nine more of this year’s Etsy: Made in Canada Day vendors. Isn’t it fun t0 get a little peak at who will be selling their beautiful handmade wares in just a few weeks at the Genesis centre?


Agnes in August the lovely Courtney, yes not Agnes, makes super unique string art and upcycles Canadiana into beautiful home decor. If you love the mountains, you will love her vibe!

The most adorable animal illustrations and sweet puns are what Becky Warren Design will have for you. Not just puppies and cats but also horsies, bunnies and moose are part of her repertoire.

Do you know what handgilded glasses are? I didn’t either but I can tell you that they’re super elegant and Jennifer of Brynn Tyler Design is a master of her craft.

If there is one thing I just can not get enough of, it’s pottery. Especially if it’s as lovely as the work of Nancy of Centred Pottery.

Emm and Skootch are Emma and Erika. The two sisters have been crocheting since they were teens with Emma’s specialty being different clothing and home decor items while Erika prefers to make fun toques and cute critters. Sweet!

Glimpse Glass is the venture of Kara and if you haven’t seen her work yet, it’s about time! Traditional stained glass techniques with a modern twist is how she describes her work, all I have to say is: graceful plant terrariums or gorgeous glass feathers anyone?

Wendi of Harmony Grace Designs crochets the perfect little booties to keep your babe’s feet warm and sews infinity bibs, what a neat idea! And, oh, do they ever look stylish!

Iceberg Empire – two best friends from Alberta show us their love of the mountains in making wonderful things from wood, stone and leather. Delightful wooden buttons, rustic necklaces and pretty leather wallets, astonishing!

Karen Makes clothing, decor and accessories. Everything she creates is inspired by the great outdoors and will definitelty bring more joy to everyday items!


Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

Oh, hello there!

Are you already getting excited for Etsy: Made in Canada Day? Well, here are some of our fabulous vendors so you can already do a little pre-shopping!

Sarah of Bubblegum Sass always finds the cutest fabrics in the sweetest colours to make her Love Catchers. My favourite is definitelt the flamingo! Which one is yours?

BARK yyc was inspired by Rhonda’s furry babies because our puppies deserve to look just as chic as their owners. Pet bandanas or pet bow ties, I’m pretty sure you’ll find the perfect accessory for your four-legged friend!

Christian Bjorn likes to make things. Especially super elegant and stylish furniture from beautiful woods. Ahhh, now I need to start redecorating!


Drizzle Honey was founded by Aja had the opportunity to lead a rooftop beekeeping project. I mean, that already is super cool! But it’s also raw honey which means all the vitamins, enzymes, and other goodness is still in the honey. Oh, yum!

Meryl loves all things vintage + handmade + home decor. To combine those passions, she started Inspired Findings where you can find her upcycled and handmade home decor items. Especially her signs caught my eye!

Rebecca of Kasual Kiddo Handmade has something for your little ones. Printed t-shirts, crochet bonnets and pretty bibs. So adorable!

Lara Lamb has not only the prettiest name, she also makes the prettiest, nicely fragranced and natural body products. You just have to love Lamb’s Soapworks.

Talking about pretty things: Ayla of Gypsy Skulls collects flowers, presses them and turns them into art pieces. That by itself is already wonderful but she doesn’t stop there – she also turned her most popular pieces into wearable art!

Mind the Minimal stands for minimalism and concrete home decor such as planters, coasters and ring holders. They designed their collection to portray the effortless side of beauty and it really does.