Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

TGIF! And I can’t wait for next week Friday, time really flies when you’re having fun and to keep you entertained over the weekend, here come another nine of our incredibly amazing vendors:


Light Tech if you like quirky but useful things, this is the place for you. These two guys love to make interesting lamps!

Jenny of Hop’n’Flop loves to draw whimsical animals and make silly puns. We love her for it!

Illo Leather is Sara’s passion. She makes beautiful and minimalist leather creations – everything made without the use of any machines. Gorgeous!

Homebody by Sara Girletz – this Sara shares with us her unique collection of vintage, edgy, upcycled, mixed media art and home decor. She really likes houses, did you notice?

Heidi is the mastermind behind Hekkal & Hyde – her eco-conscious brand for which she fashions one-of-a-kind bags with vintage or repurposed fabrics. They are super stylish while being super good for the environment at the same time, yay!

Heather Buchanan loves to paint. Lots of her delightful paintings have references to popular culture and are just hillarious. And does anyone collect pins? I swear, you’ll walk away with more than one from her booth!

Grounded Tea are handblended teas. The ingredients sound so deliscious – who else is a tea addict?

Friday Sock Co. are mismatched matching socks with gleeful motives. Designed by Adam here in Calgary with the help of his wife Leanne and their cute little daughter Ella but ethically made in Italy with high quality cotton. Yes, please!

Claudia draws the sweetest little animals for us with her business Endless Tales. Oh, I could see the room of some little cuties being decorated with these!


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