Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Do you remember which letter we learned last week? It was the letter A as in Archer And Antlers. Kelsey makes the cutest organic kids clothing, oh how adorable!

Another reminder of the letter A are Avalanche Artisans who craft only the finest shaving products from sustainable materials. This is where you’ll find some sweet stuff for your man, ladies.

Alrighty, now today we want to learn about the letter B. B as in beautiful, brave or brilliant.

And brilliant is how you would best describe Balay Decor and their rustic and industrial home decor.

The letter B can also be found in:

Beadrien – which is a fun pun about Adrien and her passion for lamp-work glass beads. Beautiful beads.

Bears for Friends by Oxana are the most darling little collectible bears and other animals that are not only meant for kids. I mean, look at those teddies!#
Beatnik Vinyl is Kristin’s baby and she sells vintage vinyl records. Sometimes, when the records are just right, she chooses to up-cycle them into the most awesome coasters. Sweet!

I think you’re getting the letter B by now, but let’s just make sure and have a look at these three vendors:

Becky of Becky Warren Designs is not only beautiful but also incredibly talented. She designs super funny animal-themed greeting cards & sometimes also custom portraits of your beloved pet. Yay!

Berry Island is Stephanie’s creative endeavor. She embroiders, she makes felted pompoms & she makes the best mosaics from beach pottery that she salvages.

The last example of the letter B today is Billie Boon Vintage. Katie collects so much high quality Scandinavian and Canadian vintage that she has to sell them. Oh and we love it, what better than Nordic style?


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