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Today we’re fit enough to learn three letters, aren’t we? So there’s J, K & L. I’m sure you remember J from our last lesson. So just to refresh your memory:

J as in Jewelnotes Michelle makes dichroic fused glass jewellery. If you have no clue what that is: imagine a puddle of shiny, shimmering colourful oil somehow turned into a beautiful piece of glass jewellery.

The letter we’re mostly going to focus on today is the letter K. So many great Etsy vendors start with K, what a wonderful letter.

There is Rebecca of Kasual Kiddo Handmade and her staple piece is the bandana bib which she sews from the most adorable and cute fabrics.

Kathy Lycka Studio are the creations of Kathy. She designs whimsical and charming art for nurseries and bedrooms. Her favourite paint is acrylic paint but you can also get a print of her sweet paintings.

As the name says Khaos Theory Leather works with leather. But Brent and Brit not only craft beautiful bags, shoes and wallets, they also create fantastic masks that immediately make you think you’re in a different world.

If you’re planning on throwing a big party this Christmas (or any time really), you’re right at Kathy of Kiwi Tini Creations. She handcrafts each item and you can just feel the love she puts into her designs.

Brrr, fall seems to arrive really soon this year! So you should really check out Chantal of Knitatude and her cozy knitted goodies. Lovely toques, comfy arm warmers, colourful scarves – you name it. And believe me, this is not your grandma’s knitting!

Jennifer of Konjo Handmade makes dolls that are just so sweet. Her dolls have different skin tones so that children of any colour can identify with them. What a beautiful and important idea!

Letter number three for today is L. L like Love, Liberty or …

Lace Brick Design is Jackie’s brand of handcrafted jewellery. As you can clearly see, she finds her inspiration in the mountain lifestyle – honestly, which Calgarian wouldn’t be drawn in by that? So perfect.

Lara of Lamb’s Soapworks handcrafts natural soaps, bath and body products that you can use without worrying about nasty ingredients. As she says: “Because if our family wouldn’t use it, why would we expect you to?”


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