Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

So today we’re going to learn about the letter A. A as in AWESOME because that’s what our vendors are.

Or A as in Adorn Infusions. Lisa makes wonderful beauty concoctions with natural ingredients ‘to enhance something already beautiful in itself’.

Then there are Adrian Martinus, two brothers with a penchant for skateboards, recycling and wood works. How does that fit together? Well, have a look at their gorgeous wood works made from recycled skateboards.

Another vendor with A is Anne Tranholm. She draws her incredibly precise geometric art by hand onto shrink plastic and turns them into super stylish jewellery. Absolutely amazing!

Can you think of more vendors with A? Oh, I can: Aries Earth Canada. Melody has been addicted to clay as long as she can remember and look at the beautiful results!

Agnes in August is mountain inspired string art that will makes your heart jump a little. Kourtney just wanted to create a piece of art that showed her families love for the mountains. It ended up being so popular that she opened her own Etsy shop. Now, how cool is that?

And we will have Alora Boutique joins us at the market. The mother and daughter team creates meaningful jewellery that is inspired by their Ghanaian heritage and symbolizes a message of positivity, love and kindness.

We will learn about three more artists with A today! So there are:

Amanda Parker started out as a designer, then fell in love with glass and finally had to admit that her excitement for the arts doesn’t have any limits. Today she makes brilliant jewellery and home decor from polymer clay, cold porcelain and even recycled materials.

Anxiety Aids is more than just another paper company. Renee started making planners after her therapist advised her to get a system of organization to both manage her attention deficits and also quell the anxiety that she was struggling with. It worked. And just look at how pretty and functional they are!

Last but not least, we will have Ashley of A Pear’s Vintage Goodies join us. She collects the cutest vintage children’s items for us to choose from. So adorable.


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