Getting Started on Etsy: Part 1 – What’s Involved

So you’ve been tinkering with the idea of opening an Etsy shop for awhile now but it seems a bit daunting. What exactly is involved? How much does it cost? How do I take great photos? How do I promote my items? The list of questions goes on an on. Welcome to our Getting Started on Etsy series! Jillian, Hilda and I have a combined 20 years of experience selling on Etsy! We’ve worked hard and seen our businesses grow but we remember what it was like to first start out. For me personally it was incredible exciting and I poured myself into my shop and getting everything just right before launching. I had a lot of questions though and relied heavily on help and advice from other sellers. So in this series we’re here to help you! We’ll answer your questions and hopefully make opening your Etsy shop a thing of reality!

What’s involved:
Selling on Etsy can give you the opportunity to test the market, expand your business, sell internationally, find wholesale opportunities and make lasting friends and business connections. Etsy is a platform to help you build your business at your own pace. Getting Started on Etsy - Part 1
Greeting Card by ImPaper

What can you sell:
Handmade, vintage and craft supplies can all be sold on Etsy. Check out the Etsy Guidelines for further detail.

Handmade items must be created by the seller (or a member of the collective) operating the Etsy shop. Sellers can also use outside manufacturers to help produce their items providing they submit an outside manufacturing application and its approved.
Getting Started on Etsy - Part 1
Left to Right: Marian and Hazel, Owl and Olive Designs, Creationz Mini

Vintage items must be at least 20 years old.
Getting Started On Etsy - Part 1
Left to Right: Billie Boone Vintage, Trashtiques, A Pears Vintage Goodies

Craft Supplies:
Craft supplies can be both handmade and non-handmade (commercial) crafting supplies.
Getting Started on Etsy - Part 1
Left to Right: Yarn Ink Studio, Soph & Oh, Kiwi Tini Creations

How it works:

– It costs $.20 per listing for a 4 month period.
– Once an item has sold you will also pay a 3.5% transaction fee based on the total of that item
– Buyers can pay your through Paypal or Etsy’s direct checkout (additional fees do apply)
– You can pay your listing and transaction fees monthly either with PayPal, your direct checkout balance or a credit card.

Getting Started on Etsy - Part 1
Photograph by Logee Photography

Getting started on Etsy is really very simple with minimal risk. You can find out more info in the Etsy Seller Handbook or take the plunge and open your own shop by going here. Make sure to use our team code CALGARY to receive your first 20 listings free!

Part 2 of the Getting Started on Etsy series will go over the initial set up of your shop. If you have any comments or questions about Part 1 please leave us a comment! We’d love to hear from you!

Lindy, Jillian and Hilda

Getting Started On Etsy
Part 1 – What’s Involved
Part 2 – Initial Set Up
Part 3 – Photography
Part 4 – Titles and Tags
Part 5 – Promotion

First image photo by Jewelry by Saveria


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  1. Vivianne Fraser says:

    This sounds great and may be interested to take advantage of your “program” at a later date can you keep me in the loop?

  2. Maureen Turner says:

    Hi there,
    I started a new Business in Calgary spring of 2015, Marr Exclusive making high quality embroidery featured, water repellent all season jackets with attachable boots, fashionable tote bags and much more. I am now working on different marketing ideas to get known and just happened upon your blog and maybe at some point interested in signing up.
    thank you

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