Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

Good morning, lovely folks!

I have to say that I’m always looking forward to my ‘Etsy-Calgary-blog-post-writing-day’ because it’s so much fun to discover more about all those fantastic artisans that are part of this year’s Etsy: Made in Canada Day. I hope you have as much fun as I do.

Do you love baking? If you don’t love baking yet, you will definitely love it once you saw the colourful and fun baking and party accessories that Samantha of The Sparkling Pantry makes and curates. Colour hooray!

Simply Polished – and their products are just like their branding: clean, simple but elegant. And that’s what we want to put on our skins, right?

I already want to adopt a doggie so badly but now that I’ve seen the beautiful and colourful leashes that Shannon of North Range Dogs constructs, I want one even more! Maybe those pretty leashes will convice my landlord?


Natura Soy Lights make the loveliest fragranced candles. From tropical delights to ‘manly’ perfumes, there is something for everybody.

L Rempel Art the L stands for Lindsay and Lindsay stands for gorgeous textiles that start out as watercolour art work. While she’s inspired by landscapes and experiences, her art will inspire you, we guarantee.

Leanne of Keramikk Pottery is functional and elegant. Her neutral colour scheme is complimented by a modern design. I can totally see these in my kitchen!

Create That Charms is Bridget’s jewellery line. While there might be a lot of jewellery out there, her creations might be among the best. Why? Because sweets!!! Kawaii dessert neclaces anyone?

COCREATEco modern wooden shelves and pastel concrete dishes. This wife and husband duo creates everything together while taking inspiration from their architectural roots.

Amarin Collection are the super useful passport holders and little pouches designed and made by Paweena Amarin. Pastel colours and floral fabrics = perfection!


Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

Hello, hello!

It’s a bit grey out today, so I thought I’d sweeten your day with the introduction of a few more of our vendors for this year’s Etsy: Made in Canada Day here in Calgary. We’ve got so many wonderful artists, artisan and designers this year and each of them makes a unique product. I wish someone would give me enough money to buy one item from all of them!

Heather of  Toute Petite Treasures collects and curates vintage kitchen accessories and other beautiful vintage treasures. Shopping with her feels like treasure hunting in grandma’s attic and who doesn’t love that?

Grace and Parker are stylish and modern teething accessories to make life a bit easier for the little ones when their teeth are coming in – and thus for their Mamas, too. Well, thank you, Christine!

Amanda Parker Design gorgeous jewellery and pretty accessories made from glass, polymer clay and recycled materials by the one and only Amanda Parker here in Calgary!

Treasured Peach – Mandy makes the most adorable felted flower headbands and home decor for, in her own words, a treasured childhood. Sweet!

Mynthia  creates ceramic dreams. She enjoys experimenting with new forms, glazes, clays and firing methods. And we enjoy her art.

Fairgoods Lauren and Shauna love fonts and Canada and seriously fun gifts. And I mean, who wants to go through life without a pretty patch that says ‘Sorry’ or a pin in the shape of ketchup chips, eh?

Twelve Paws make pretty bandanas and collars for doggies. They say that even your furry friends should be able to express their character through accessories and I couldn’t agree more!

Melissa Pedersen is a momma of three little boys but can be found in her studio working on her exquisite silver jewellery designs every day during nap time.

Stitch plus Stitch wood and cross stitch DIY kits? Yes, please! Jill is designing the most adorable little evening projects for us.


Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

This is the last of our vendor introduction posts and we will learn about the letters T, V, W, X and one lonely G that somehow slipped through the cracks before…

The Witches Mark will have their market debut with us this weekend & we’re so excited about that. Steph makes magical talismans to help us through life.

And what else is important to get through life healthy? Yes, lovely teas by Grounded Tea.

Well, while we’re talking about coziness, have a look at This Darn’d Yarn‘s trendy and cute creations. Britney crochets shark sleeping bags and tiny cacti, sweet!

Suzanne of Tinged joins us with a fun mix of jewellery and the loveliest drawings of animals. Really, her style is unique and I highly recommend you to check her out.

Tribes + Society stands for beautiful jewellery. And we all know that you can never have to much of that.

Another brilliant local jeweler is Trish Flanagan who specializes in silver. Oh, the gorgeousness.

Is there anything sweeter than baby shoes? No, I didn’t think so. Have a look at the creations of Vi and Jax -seriously, I just want to eat them up.

Wee Thing Mee is Kat. And Kat likes to make adorable babrons and crocheted animals. In the cutest colours.

Some people’s baby’s are their pets, so that’s where WLC Studio comes in. WLC stands for Wanderlust Creatures and they make pet tags from all kinds of up-cycled things.

Reem of Xed Creative Design doesn’t play by the rules and we love her for it. Her pottery designs are influenced by her North African roots and wonderfully adorned and colourful.

Thank you everybody who followed me through the whole alphabet of our vendors. It’s been fun introducing all these amazingly creative people and I am so excited that our market is finally happening this weekend. It’s going to be a good one.

Hopefully, I’ll see many of you in person!

Leonie (Maple And Oak Designs)


Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Lot of S’s and one P will be the lesson of the day:

Nicole of Salt Water Tea makes us happy with beautiful jewellery, crystal candles and when she has nothing else to do – which seems unlikely with this energetic lady – she does some knitting as well. Wow!

Secret Wool Society my admiration for Megan’s work starts already at her fantastic shop name. She creates one of a kind woolen wall weavings in neutral tones. Simply stunning.

Cori of Jot is there for all you stationary nerds. Gorgeous note books, here I come!

Simply Entangled by Katelyn adds some wonderfully entangled macrame and woven art to our lovely mix of vendors.

Amusing and inspiring stationary is the specialty of Stevie And Bean Papeterie. I’m intrigued by the wonderful fonts they use.

Jill of Stitch Plus Stitch combines soft laser cut bamboo with detailed cross stitch in a kit for you to finish yourself. What a great idea!

Suspended in time with Suspended Studio. Leah is a professional glass blower and we’re very excited to welcome her colourful creations to our selection.

Sweet Pumpkin Designs is, you guessed it, sweet little accessories for your pumpkins. Janie started making hair clips and headbands when she became a mom and working out of the house was not much of an option anymore.

The Paper Lover Co. is Alison’s baby and she designs whimsical paper art and stationary. You just have to check our her Alberta and Calgary prints. So cool!


Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Today we’re going to cover quite some ground with the letters N, P Q, R and S.

Let’s start with Needle And Pine: this cute couple makes marvelous mountain shelves and pillows. If you need some wilderness inside your house, this is it.

Ohhh, Nerd Alert! Nerd Mart Customs is Amanda’s project and she up-cycled comic books into pretty much anything. Our favourite are her bangles.

Kait of Pink Chicken Creations is one of our brilliant vintage vendors. I can’t wait to see what she found for us and listen to her tell some great stories about the origin of her goodies.

Pink Sun Malas are malas and bracelets by the lovely Sara. Those gorgeous gem stones will help you find your spiritual path.

Calling all lovers of mid-century and kitsch! Prairie Bazaar will join us next weekend and we couldn’t be more excited for all those uber-sweet finds.

Amy Jo is Quadrophonic Image and adds some rock and roll photography to our market. Her artwork is a perfect collaboration between her artistic and photo journalistic sides.

Christine of Quirefly works with a combination of sterling silver, copper and brass wire, semiprecious stones, crystal and glass elements as well as fabrics and interesting yarns, recycled clothing and unexpected finds. Such an exciting mix, we can’t wait to see her jewellery and accessories.

Then there is Tiffany, a Rural Creative as she calls her brand. Her rustic signs and wall decor that she makes with old wood and brilliant typography are a delight.

Michelle of Sainte Pierre is a natural born knitter. Super cute and the most intriguing designs, we’re so happy to have her join our circle of vendors.


Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

And on we go with the introduction of our brilliant Etsy: Made in Canada vendors. The letters L, M & N will be in today’s focus.

Loft 90 is the brainchild of Nick and Keshia. The couple designs and makes dapper and cute wooden creations with fancy engravings. So sweet!

Sweet Amelia brings us joyful bath and beauty products with her brand Mint & Daisy. Everything she makes is 100% natural and free of synthetics. And the fragrance, oh I wish you could smell it right now!

Then there is M Mackenzie Jones who is a jeweler extraordinaire. All her pieces are inspired by the Rocky Mountains and Canadian wilderness in general. We just love her style.

Erin is the artist behind Mod Menage. She takes photos and designs super trendy prints for the trendy baby.

Mark is one of the few male crafters of our time and does beautiful woodwork. Mr Man Crafts stands for art made from reclaimed, naturally aged, rustic barnwood.

Talking about wooden art. Have you checked out Mug’s Emporium? Emma just loves to makes home decor and we love what she makes.

I’ve been doing yoga for a couple of years now but let me tell you, it only really started being fun when I wore my first pair of Muladhara Yoga pants. They’re the prettiest and most comfortable design and I wish I could wear them all day long (maybe I am, who really is to say?!?)

Whimsical, quirky and ever so creative – Heather of Mumble Tease is a one woman t-shirt company. She silk-screens her unconventional doodle designs onto t-shirts and sweaters in fun colours. If you’re looking for something truly unique, look no further!

Up next: the letter N & Natura Soy Lights. As the names says, they make natural soy candles with promising names like “Cherry Blossom” or “Coconut Lime” and I can’t wait to smell them all!


Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Ooooh yay! School has started and we’re already ahead of everybody else in learning the alphabet and about our fantastic vendors. Does anybody know names that start with H, I or J?

There’s the lovely Heather Buchanan who makes us chuckle and even laugh out loud with her brilliant and hilarious pop art. She’s a self-proclaimed paintoholic so let’s help sustain her addiction, shall we?

Or how about that breakfast snack? Why should we do the dishes if we can just use one of Hekkal and Hyde‘s ingenious snack bags that you can re-use every day? Even better: Heidi’s designs are eco-friendly and let you indulge in that retail therapy without the guilt.

Jenny of Hop n Flop prints the most adorable and whimsical animal-themed cards. I still need the person that doesn’t exclaim “How cute is this!” when seeing her art.

The letter I comes up next, this one won’t be hard to remember!

IM Paper stands for high quality art prints. Sometimes simply stylish, sometimes really funny. There’s so much goodness, I can’t decide which one I like best.

That was easy, wasn’t it? Now let’s move on to the letter J:

The inspiration for Jacob Grace Designs‘ stylish children’s t-shirts stems from Hadley, Rome and Nixon who were all born prematurely and had to spend some time in the NICU. As a result, this great company donates always the proceeds of one shirt to the NICU. What a great reason to support and shop at the same time!

JB Leather Supply makes belts and wallets to last a lifetime. The high quality belts even carry a lifetime warranty, now that’s a brand you can definitely trust.

There are so many photographers nowadays but there’s one who surely stands out: Jen Gregoire Photography. Jen’s style is incredibly unique, colourful and you will recognize her almost surreal images of nature and travel immediately.

Jennea Frischke is a bit different from your average jewellery maker. She’s a trained metal smith and her often one of a kind pieces of jewellery are more wearable art than simple decor. Beautiful.

Our last vendor for today is Jenny Dale Designs. Her dreamy drawings and paintings tell a story in one picture. They’re perfect if you’re looking for something to decorate your baby’s nursery or want to enhance your child’s imagination.


Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Do you remember the letter F, oh we’ve got three more amazing vendors whose names start with an F!

Forage Photo And Design is Kyla’s brain child. She makes super cute plush cameras and fun decor. They’re so cute, I can’t even.

Then there is Fox And Hare., this sweet couple makes the most luscious hair care that is suitable for vegans. But seriously, you don’t need to be vegan to appreciate that goodness.

Hannah of Fox Virtue is a master of the embroidery hoop. Have a look for yourself and tell me that you don’t want to keep them all?

Let’s learn about another couple of our brilliant vendors while we move onto the letters G and H, shall we?

Kara of Glimpse Glass is on a mission to bring us the most fabulous pieces of stained glass. I just can’t decide which ones I love more: the gorgeous glass feathers or the terrariums? I know my home needs her work.

Gypsee Art by Ksenia focuses on original art and prints in her own feminine style. Soft pastels, beautiful flowers and best of all: it can be customized!

Hilda of Handmade Therapy designs the loveliest bags. In her Etsy store you can download her patterns as a PDF and learn how to sew them yourself. But don’t worry if you don’t like sewing: you can buy those that she sews herself as well.

What would an Etsy market be without some good knitting? Check out Harmony Grace Designs for the sweetest baby shoes, stuffed animals and cozy shawls.

Talking about accessories for the little ones: Harper’s Hats crochets the cutest toques, ear warmers and scarves. Well, if there’s one thing we’ll need in Calgary, it’s some cozy accessories for winter!

H is also the first letter in Heart’n’Soul Handbags. Shannon Marie designs and makes leather purses and handbags inspired by her life in Southern Alberta. Did you see those sweet embellishments?


Vendor Introductions: Part Sixteen

Today’s vendor introductions are staring out with Stephanie and Chelsea of Stevie and Bean Paperie.

1. What do you make/sell?

Our products range from table numbers, place cards, vow journals, coffee sleeves, prints, banners, envelope seals and accessories to complete wedding invitation suites.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

We love stationery, and have a passion for weddings! We are inspired by every bride and groom’s individual love story.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

We design complete wedding stationery suites, and custom designs upon request.

You can find Stevie and Bean Paperie here:


Instagram: @stevieandbean


Stevie and Bean Stevie and Bean2


Next up is Summer of The Art of Summer Breeze.

1. What do you make/sell?

I make wonderfully colourful abstract-realist paintings featuring nature and the wonders that surround us. If I had one word to describe my art it would be “colourful”; I love colour and the emotions it can inspire.  I strive to make eye-catching out of the ordinary pieces that can brighten any space and encourage a state of wonder. My work is available as originals, prints, greeting cards and magnets.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

When I look at nature I not only see the beauty of its surface, but more importantly I see the overlooked beauty of the shapes and lines and colours that when added together, create scenes of whimsy. I started drawing at the age of 2, often sitting next to my dad with a blank stack of printer paper as he graded exams. My mom has told me that even at such a young age, not only was I prematurely holding my drawing implements correctly, but that it was evident in my artistic vigor and determination that I had something to say. Creating and playing with art has always been something that I’ve HAD to do, something that when I’ve not been able to spend time on I’ve felt lost and I would continue to create art whether or not anyone else was interested.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

Apart from my traditional art experience I also have a strong digital art background which has brought new life to my work. As a working artist I never like to rule anything out, all the while looking for new ways of expressing myself artistically. This “job” has been a whirlwind of sorts, lots of ups and downs, but with every down the ups have gotten bigger. I am still so elated with the fact that I can make a living as an artist, and it still puts such a smile on my face when I see the looks on people’s faces when they ask “…and what do you do for a living” and I respond, “I’m a full-time artist!”

You can find The Art of Summer Breeze here:


Twitter: @summerbreezeart

Instagram: @summerbreeze_art



Finally, we have Terri of Lucky Wall Art.

1. What do you make/sell?

My shop specializes in whimsical animal prints that are reminiscent of vintage portraits. As a mother of two girls, educated in art and design, I noticed how difficult it was to find realistic animal portraits for my girls’ rooms. This is when Lucky Wall (Etsy: LuckyWallArt) was born, specializing in canvas and watercolour prints of my original oil paintings.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

I am very much inspired my nature. I recently went hiking with my husband and two girls when a black bear poked his head out from a bush beside us. If it wasn’t for my sheer panic, my camera would have captured the perfect picture of this adorable animal. I paint animals, and a black bear may just be the next animal I paint!

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

My work strives to be playful and fun while demonstrating a high level of technical skill and an attention to detail. Deliberately gender-neutral, the animals and the background colours I choose compliment a wide variety of colour schemes and room styles, and the materials I use are high quality, durable and archival.

In addition to canvas and watercolour prints I will be unveiling a series of 2”x2” magnets based on my painted animals.

You can find Lucky Wall Art here:


Twitter: @Lucky_Wall_Art

Pinterest: @luckywall




Vendor Introductions: Part Fifteen

Starting off introductions today is Lindsay of The Village Hound.

1. What do you make/sell?

I make custom leather dog collars, rope and leather dog leashes as well as dog/cat beds and dog bowl stands from old furniture that I refurbish and design.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

I grew up in a home with a DIY mother and father. When I wanted a leather name stamped collar for my 170lb Newfoundland dog, I figured why not try my hand at leather working! I enjoyed the learning process, fine tuned my skills and decided to make a small business out of it.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

First and foremost I’m a dog lover, so when I create my items I put a lot of care into each and every piece I make.

You can find The Village Hound here:

Instagram: @thevillagehound

village hound

Next we have Lisa of YYC Beeswax.

1. What do you make/sell?

We sell a range of beeswax products and supplies including rolled and solid candles, lip balm, and crafting supplies.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

In Calgary’s dry climate, it has been a challenge for me to find a lip balm that will stand up well during busy times in the winter. The lip balm I envisioned was soft (so it doesn’t hurt to apply on those days lips are extra dry) and absorbed well in a short period of time (allowing a wind instrument to be played without wiping off the newly applied lip balm). I also wanted to avoid chemical dyes, so I was interested in all natural dyes. Careful consideration was also put into the packaging of our lip balms. As someone who travels a lot, I really appreciate the portability of the mini lip balms. They are great to throw in my instrument case, a backpack for hiking, and more. The larger lip balms are great for everyday use and I usually have a few around including on my nightstand, music stand, and at the computer.

I have always loved the soothing atmosphere created by candlelight. A number of years ago, I volunteered to make candles for a fundraiser and enjoyed it so much, I started sourcing materials for my own projects. Rolled candles are so easy to make and the result is both beautiful and natural. At this point, I was interested in giving solid candles a try and also in helping other people learn how easy it is to make candles for themselves! This is when DIY kits and Make and Take were born. Make and Take is an interactive part of the booth when I’m at events. Anyone who wants to try their hand at making a candle can choose a sheet of wax and set about making their very own candle with guidance as needed. It’s always a delight to watch someone make their first (or hundredth) rolled candle! If there isn’t time to make a candle, kits are available to try at home and beeswax sheets, solid beeswax, and wick are also available. The kits make great gifts! Expanding this concept, I am delighted to offer candle making parties as well. The solid candle line is fairly new and consists of tealight and hand-dipped taper candles. Both types of candles showcase a natural beeswax colour.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

Sometimes what’s available doesn’t quite meet your needs. We are delighted to work with you to create a custom product for you. Some examples of customization include wedding favours, feature candles for a particular area in your home, and more!

You can find YYC Beeswax here:


Twitter: @yycwax



Next is Parvin of PK Arts and Crafts.

1.What do you make/sell?

I do acrylic painting, on canvas or paper. I do abstract art, or fine art also. I also make paper craft and painting on greeting cards. I sell printed greeting cards (prints of my original painting). I also paint of mugs or wooden panels

2.Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

I had been interested in all kinds of arts from my childhood. My mother herself was an artist in spite of her limited resources. I am highly impressed by the nature and colors around me.

3.Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

My main project includes abstract acrylic paintings. I also do landscape painting. I love photography and use that to do painting. I have taken part in displaying my art at Caprices Art Show. Two of my paintings were auctioned for a charity to help Nepal earthquake victims.

You can find PK Arts and Crafts here:


Instagram: @pkartsandcrafts


Next is Sarah of Juniper and Jay Designs.

1. What do you make/sell?

We make and sell handmade and crafted greeting cards, wedding invitations, baby announcements, as well as individually made and hand knitted items, we have a number of hats and headbands but are looking at expanding to sweaters.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

I make and sell these things because I love them. I made my wedding invitations when I got married and loved how they turned out. I wanted someone else to love how much love and attention their invitations received. The same when I had my babies, I wanted to make my own announcements, because I loved and preferred the way they looked over the store purchased ones. The knitted items were for my kids. I’ve knitted since I was little, so when I had my kids I made them hats that they couldn’t take off. And as my oldest got older she now has a say in how the hats look and turn out. She wants a princess hat? She gets a princess hat. She wants a doggy hat? She gets a doggy hat. My family have been and continue to be what inspire my work. Everything I make is typically made with someone in mind, or from an idea or conversation I’ve had with them. Each piece is a crafted expression of love.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

People take one look at my cards and believe it’s easy or they can do it. Well they probably can, but there’s so much more to what I’m doing with all my cards. It’s colour choices, it sizing, it’s placement. You aren’t able to just throw pieces of paper together, stamp it and call it a card. There has to have a feel, a mood, and certain tone to make everything work together. More importantly, I’m still learning. I take every opportunity I’m given to learn about what I’m doing with cards, invitations, announcements and knitting and how I can improve upon the skills I already have. I also like to think I’m a very customizable shop. I am so willing to make things just to people’s liking. Didn’t I mention I usually have someone in mind when I’m creating?

You can find Juniper and Jay Designs here:




Finally for today we have Saveria of Jewelry by Saveria.

1. What do you make/sell?

I sell jewelry that I make in my home studio. I use mostly sterling silver and natural gemstones. Just recently ive been working on a new line of copper and enamel piece that I’m very excited to showcase at the Etsy: Made in Canada Market!

2. Why do you make/sell it?

What inspires your work? I love making jewelry, I grew up with a dad thats a goldsmith so I have always been interested in jewelry making from a young age. Ive learned so much from him over the years. Jewelry will always be a part of my life, the whole process of making it and then seeing the final product is so satisfying for me. Im inspired by everything around us – nature, simple geometrics, and often the materials im using.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

I make my jewelry from start to finish, everything is handmade; I do my own casting, polishing and stone setting. I love working with clients and making custom pieces so I’m always happy to hear your ideas!

You can find Jewelry by Saveria here:

Instagram: @jewelrybysaveria