Getting Started on Etsy: Part 4 – Titles and Tags

You’ve got your products, you’ve opened a shop and now you’ve got a boat load of awesome photos. It’s time to fill up your shop and make some sales! I’m not going to go into too much detail about all the different sections of adding a listing to your shop because Etsy has already done that in this great article, Listing a Physical Item. Listing an item is very straight forward but if you have any questions about what any of the sections mean be sure to check out that article.

What I do want to discuss are Titles, Tags and Descriptions. These sections of creating a listing are important for not only giving your buyer a clear idea of what your item is all about but they’re also really important for getting found by Etsy and search engines.

Title – The words you use in your titles are used by Etsy and search engines to find your item so make sure your titles are clear with the most important keywords at the beginning of your title. Try to think like a buyer when coming up with keywords for your titles. What keywords would a potential buyer use to find your item (what it is, what colour is it, what material is it made out of, who is it for, etc.). Like in the example below don’t just put “Bag” as your title as it’s not descriptive enough and therefore thousands of bags will show up in the search. Think about other keywords that shoppers will use to find your item and therefore narrow down the search. Highlight these keywords by putting them in your title.

Getting Started on Etsy - Part 4
Tip – if you’re having a hard time coming up with keywords try typing a few into the Search bar on Etsy. When you do this a list of other similar keywords will show up underneath. These keywords are actual search terms that potential buyers have used to find items similar to yours. Take a look at these and see if any of them would work for your particular item.

Here are two great articles that talk more about Titles and SEO,
Using Listing Titles to get Found in Search
Shop Improvement and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Tags – You are allowed to use up to 13 tags for each listing and each tag can be a word or short phrase up to 20 characters. Be sure to repeat the keywords you used in your title also in your tags. Check your shop stats to see what tags are working and which ones aren’t. Experiment with different tags in your own listings and then revisit your stats to see if there are any changes. Also consider the time of year. Tags that might not work in the summer might make total since in the Winter for Christmas shoppers. Think about the seasons and how potential buyers might search for items at different times of the year. This article is great for giving you ideas for tags, Brainstorming Keywords for Tags and Titles. And, I’m going to say it again, think like a buyer!!

Getting Started on Etsy - Part 4
Tip – not only are categories used for the category search on Etsy but they’re also included as part of your tags. If you’ll notice above there are 16 tags rather than the 13 that Etsy allows you. That’s because the first 3 are actually the terms you pick when choosing your Category sections. That means that you don’t have to repeat the same words in your tags because they’re already there.

Description – while there isn’t any major priority given to the description when it comes to being found by Etsy and search engines it is a very important area for telling your buyer what your product is all about. The description can answer questions such as, size, colour, material, quantity, how it’s made, how it’s shipped, etc. You don’t want your buyer to be left wondering or worse yet be surprised by something when your item arrives at their door. Again, think like a buyer and be sure to include any potential information they might be wondering about. With that said though, try to be as clear as possible by using short paragraphs and bullet points. Below is a great example of how to write a product description. You can also find some wonderful tips in this article, How to Write Enticing Item Descriptions.
Getting Started on Etsy - Part 4
Tip – if you’re having a hard time coming up with 13 tags for your listing take a look at your description. You may have included some great keywords in your description that you hadn’t even thought of yet. Test a few in your titles and tags and see how they work.

Titles and tags can be tricky but they’re one of the most important parts of your shop so revisit them often. For even more great tips on titles and tags check out this article, How to Get Found In Search.

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Tag and Description example photos from the shop Splurge.