Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

Dear Etsy: Made in Canada Day – fans,

This is the last one of our vendor introduction posts. I hope you enjoyed the little preview of what’s to come on Friday + already started writing your shopping lists.

I can’t wait to see all your lovely faces in just 4 days!

Leanne of Little Me Paper Co. just know how to capture the essence of a thing or a person with just a few lines in her unique whimsical style. Sooo cute and funny!

Eeeeek! Lindsay of Lost in Layers makes the best kimonos this side of the pacific! Colourful, flowy and perfect for layering – which is the best thing about fall, right?

Little W Studio are Christin and Evan. And their creations are super pretty signs made out of wood. Beautiful calligraphy with a rustic touch. Sweet!


Last but not least, I should probably introduce myself. I’m Leonie and I designs and make fun headbands, scarves and other awesome accessories from vintage, reclaimed and retro fabrics with my brand Maple And Oak Designs.


Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

TGIF! And I can’t wait for next week Friday, time really flies when you’re having fun and to keep you entertained over the weekend, here come another nine of our incredibly amazing vendors:


Light Tech if you like quirky but useful things, this is the place for you. These two guys love to make interesting lamps!

Jenny of Hop’n’Flop loves to draw whimsical animals and make silly puns. We love her for it!

Illo Leather is Sara’s passion. She makes beautiful and minimalist leather creations – everything made without the use of any machines. Gorgeous!

Homebody by Sara Girletz – this Sara shares with us her unique collection of vintage, edgy, upcycled, mixed media art and home decor. She really likes houses, did you notice?

Heidi is the mastermind behind Hekkal & Hyde – her eco-conscious brand for which she fashions one-of-a-kind bags with vintage or repurposed fabrics. They are super stylish while being super good for the environment at the same time, yay!

Heather Buchanan loves to paint. Lots of her delightful paintings have references to popular culture and are just hillarious. And does anyone collect pins? I swear, you’ll walk away with more than one from her booth!

Grounded Tea are handblended teas. The ingredients sound so deliscious – who else is a tea addict?

Friday Sock Co. are mismatched matching socks with gleeful motives. Designed by Adam here in Calgary with the help of his wife Leanne and their cute little daughter Ella but ethically made in Italy with high quality cotton. Yes, please!

Claudia draws the sweetest little animals for us with her business Endless Tales. Oh, I could see the room of some little cuties being decorated with these!


Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

Happy hump day!

I can’t believe that it’s just over a week to go to Etsy: Made in Canada Day! The weather really seems to turn to fall and I’m slowly getting into the mood to start my holiday shopping super early and be really organized this year. How about you? Here comes a little intro to a few more of our talented vendors:


Kristi of Wire Expressions creates the best little gift items and silver jewellery with wire. Oh, I can see one of those as part of my holiday gift wrapping!

Jackie definitely is an adventure girl. She curates the best collections with her brand Lacebrickdesign. Cute camping mugs, sweet t-shirts and cozy blankets, you’ll love it!

Konjo Handmade are the most darling fabric dolls by Jennifer. Oh gosh, whose little ones would love one of these?

Chantal knits and even better: designs knitting patterns! You just have to visit Knitatude’s stand and treat yourself to something cozy.

Did somebody say party? Kathy of KiwiTini Creations is your one-stop-party-shop! From cupcake topper to delightful favour bags, she’s got you covered.

Jewelnotes  is Michelle’s creative love. She makes glass jewellery and other glass item. The colours are so mesmerizing, I can’t stop looking at her photos!

Jennifer Joan Skincare creates oil blends in the most devine fragrances. For you body and hair but also for your guy’s beard!

Jennea Frischke is one awesome lady! She’s a metalsmith and makes everything in her home studio right here in Calgary.

And then there’s Jen Gregoire Photography. Jennifer’s image are often rural, natural and romantic but the most stunning part is her unique way of editing her photos so that the colours pop amazingly!


Etsy: Made in Canada – Calgary’s sweet vendors of 2017

Let’s not talk much but directly have a look at who else will showcase their wonderful handmade creations at this year’s Etsy: Made in Canada Day, the Calgary edition!

There are Adrian Martinus, two brothers who love to skate and upcycle their skateboards into wonderfully colourful woodwork. How amazing is that?

And we’ve got Angela E Smyth – a nature loving artist, whose favourite motives are plants and animals but in her own unique and creative style.

Beatnik Vinyl sells the best records Calgary has to offer.  Kristin lives her fathers dream and you can see her driving around town in her mobile record shop.


Bronze and Butterflies is Crystal’s shop. She designs and makes small batch jewellery. Sooo pretty!

Sam is the mastermind behind Catfriendo. She cuts paper into whimsical, delicate art works. We’re so impressed by her precision and skill!

With her brand Cerise de Lune, Angela makes the most lovely things for us. Key chains, zipped pouches and felt pencil cases, I’m sure you’ll find something you like!

Derek Goodbrand a plumber by trade, he know dreams up super stylish furniture with plumbing supplies. We are fascinated by this industrial chic!

Crafted Origins  are the most delightful little super-hero dolls that Kasia sews. Oh what an inspiration for little (and big) girls!

Have you ever seen fused glass fried eggs? They’re so cool and just one of the many items that Belinda Glass Studio brings to live in her kiln.


Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Hello, hello! Today we’re going to see which of our lovely vendors start with the letter L and M.

There’s Randee of Little City Market who makes felt ball mobiles and garland for nuseries. Oh, have you seen those lovely colours?

L as in Lively Leaf Designs. Melissa does an excellent job in creating jewellery from leather, inner bicycle tube, stainless steel and freshwater pearls. Amazing!

Logee Photo is one of our organizers and a true power house. Jillian organizes markets, goes on photo shoots with her customers and creates the most unique products with her brilliant photos.

Lost in Layers is the perfect name for Lindsay’s dreamy kimonos. Who wouldn’t want to get lost in layers and layers of these beauties?

Lindsay of L Rempel Art turns her water colour paintings into all kinds of art for your household. From scarves to baby blankets and we love it.

What a fun name, what a cool product! Kayla of the Lucky Pineapple designs her own line of kids and adult shirts.

Our next letter is M. Mmmmmmmmmmh.

When most people think of quilts, they think of their grandma. Let me assure you, this is not the case when you have a look at Ann’s gorgeous quilts that she sells under her brand Magpie Quilts.

Stephanie of Mary Make makes beautiful art. She silk-screens her beautiful designs on paper but that’s not all, no, the true stars of her creations are high quality sculptures of animals that can be mounted to a wall. They’re so beautiful, I’m speechless.

It is a bit awkward to write blog posts about vendors when you’re one of the vendors. Well, it has to be done, so here it comes: Maple And Oak Designs is the name of my creations. My name is Leonie and I design and sew funky fashion accessories from vintage, reclaimed and retro fabrics.