Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Hello, hello! Today we’re going to see which of our lovely vendors start with the letter L and M.

There’s Randee of Little City Market who makes felt ball mobiles and garland for nuseries. Oh, have you seen those lovely colours?

L as in Lively Leaf Designs. Melissa does an excellent job in creating jewellery from leather, inner bicycle tube, stainless steel and freshwater pearls. Amazing!

Logee Photo is one of our organizers and a true power house. Jillian organizes markets, goes on photo shoots with her customers and creates the most unique products with her brilliant photos.

Lost in Layers is the perfect name for Lindsay’s dreamy kimonos. Who wouldn’t want to get lost in layers and layers of these beauties?

Lindsay of L Rempel Art turns her water colour paintings into all kinds of art for your household. From scarves to baby blankets and we love it.

What a fun name, what a cool product! Kayla of the Lucky Pineapple designs her own line of kids and adult shirts.

Our next letter is M. Mmmmmmmmmmh.

When most people think of quilts, they think of their grandma. Let me assure you, this is not the case when you have a look at Ann’s gorgeous quilts that she sells under her brand Magpie Quilts.

Stephanie of Mary Make makes beautiful art. She silk-screens her beautiful designs on paper but that’s not all, no, the true stars of her creations are high quality sculptures of animals that can be mounted to a wall. They’re so beautiful, I’m speechless.

It is a bit awkward to write blog posts about vendors when you’re one of the vendors. Well, it has to be done, so here it comes: Maple And Oak Designs is the name of my creations. My name is Leonie and I design and sew funky fashion accessories from vintage, reclaimed and retro fabrics.


Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Etsy: Made in Canada – Vendor Features

Today we’re going to learn about the letters D, E and F. So let’s have a look at the letter D first:

D as in Diesel Clay. Callie makes beautiful pottery – luxuries for everyday is how she describes her creations and that’s exactly what they are. My morning tea just tastes a bit better from on of her mugs.

Donna D Store has to D’s in her name and specializes in Viking knit as the technique of weaving wires into gorgeous jewellery is commonly known. Each piece is unique and expertly made.

Danielle’s passion is fine art photography. In her Etsy shop Dotty Photography you can find her lovely art to decorate your home. Oh, I wish I had endless wall space for these beauties!

Mhhhh, did someone say Drizzle Honey? What good would all the pottery for our teas do if we wouldn’t have delicious raw local honey to sweeten the tea?

Dubbele Dutch are Elizabeth and Amanda. They knit anything for any occasion and it’s always the prettiest knit. With the first leaves turning yellow, you know you’ll need a new toque some time soon!

And we’re on to the letter E. E as in Elisa Marie of Ellie Greets draws colourful and bold designs on greeting cards. How fun! Even better: her colouring book for adults. I can’t wait to start colouring.

Oh my, The Ellebeetree is Lesley’s baby and just look at all those lovely things! From floral fabric pouches to pillow cases that have been decorated through image transfer – this is a handmade lovers heaven.

So E was pretty easy, wasn’t it? F is up next. F as in Fehu Design. Freyja uses only natural dies that she creates herself to give her wonderful leather creations those unique hues. My absolute favourites are the silver and gold cuffs – she uses real leaf gold and silver for this look. Just perfect.

And our last vendor for the day is Carly of Folly a Tet. Talk about fun colours, fantastic textures and gorgeous designs! Her wearable felt art is one of a kind and I for one, can’t wait to start shopping.