We are continuing our vendor introductions today with Chika Ando!  Some of you may remember Chika from last years event and we’re really happy to have her return as a vendor again for 2015.

1. What do you make/sell?

I sell my illustrations; not only as prints but also as lino-cut greeting cards, magnets, hand-painted compact mirrors, buttons and pouches.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

My emotions, thoughts, and curiosity inspire me to express them in my very own 2D way. Drawing has always been a big part of my life and it was a natural path to pursue my passion as a career.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

To me, drawing is like talking to a therapist but what I find more joy out of is to receive positive feedback from others about my artwork. If my piece can make a person laugh, it makes me smile. If someone tells me that my drawings affect their daily life, even in the slightest, I feel like I won a super magical hidden medal! I find the meaning of what I do through all the lovely people out there. I am truly grateful to have such amazing support.

I’d like to add that I do not only draw for myself – I am always happy to do commissioned works as well!

You can find Chika here:

Instagram: @Chika.Ando
Twitter: @Chika_Ando

Arts DisplayMirrors

Next up we have Leonie Vatter of Maple and Oak Designs.

1.What do you make/sell?

Maple and Oak Designs is mostly me, Leonie. I am the owner, designer & maker at Maple and Oak Designs. Originally from lovely Lübeck in northern Germany, I travelled in Australia, Latin America, North America and Europe for a couple of years until I found my current home in sweet Calgary close to the Canadian Rockies.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

It is my passion to design and sew vintage inspired, funky and bold fashion accessories. I went to university to study history in my early twenties and even though I don’t work directly in that field anymore, my fascination with historic topics remains. Old photos, historic artifacts, old diaries and fashions of times gone by inspire my designs as much as nature, flowers, clouds and animals do. Another big source of inspiration is travelling, I always try to travel as much as I can to fill my head with new impressions and creativity.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

I believe in living as eco-conscious as possible, which is one of the reasons why I mainly work with reclaimed and vintage fabrics. When I do, I make a point of choosing organic fabrics or fabric remnants. Incorporating upcycled fabrics in my designs enables me to create unique and one of a kind items while minimizing my impace on the environment. Another advantage of using recycled fabrics is that they already tell you a story and I always known what kind of accessory they’re going to be as soon as I see them. Textile waste is a huge problem, and landfill sites are full of discarded fabrics like old clothes and home decor, but also vintage fabrics. Maple and Oak Designs is committed to help reduce the strain on the planet’s resources by saving old fabrics from becoming landfill and up-cycling them into new fun accessories.

I am also the writer of “The Maple and Oak Diaries” – the Maple and Oak blog which I really enjoy as it gives me the opportunity to combine my background in History and English with my work as an Indiepreneur. The Maple and Oak Diaries cover topics that are dear to me: Maple and Oak news (of course), travels (with a handmade twist), tutorials and my craft and art projects, funky accessories (did I mention I’m an accessory addict?), bi-national relationships & sharing the (handmade) love.

You can find Maple and Oak Designs here:

Instagram: @mapleandoak
Twitter: @mapleandoak

Maple and Oak2Maple and Oak

Next we have Lara Lamb of Lamb’s Soapworks.

1. What do you make/sell?

Lamb’s Soapworks is an Airdrie, Alberta, Canada based soap and body care business hand-crafting small batches of artisanal products with pure natural ingredients.

2. Why do you make/sell it?

What inspires your work?- My passion is creating. I am inspired by the colours and smells that are all around us in our natural world. Our skin is the biggest organ in our body. It is important to me to keep my family and others healthy by promoting the use of natural body products.

3.  Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

My name is Lara Lamb and I am the creator behind Lamb’s Soapworks. My passion is creating. My goal is to provide clients with the best quality pure body care and soap products to keep their skin feeling healthy. After all, your skin is your body’s biggest organ and it is important to keep your skin feeling clean, moisturized, and smelling good without the use of harsh chemicals and detergents!

Everything that I create and sell is tried and tested by the people that mean the most to me, my family. What we wouldn’t use, I wouldn’t sell.

You can find Lara here:


Lamb Soapworks2Lamb Soapworks

Next we have Heidi of Hekkal and Hyde.

1. What do you make/sell?

I make one-of-a-kind handbags and reusable snack bags.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

My training as an artist was in drawing and painting, but my true love is textiles. Hekkal & Hyde is about using what is available to make something new and original. It’s the employment of beautiful textures sourced from unconventional places. My love for unconventional colour and design inspires my work. I am drawn to the idea that something doesn’t have to remain its’ original incarnation. A fabric sample book is reborn as a handbag, why not?

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

Creating something vibrant and useful from small, unwanted pieces of fabric and leather is making the most of what we have, as opposed to always consuming more. This is what I hope to convey as an artist and a mother.

You can find Hekkal and Hyde here:
Twitter: @hekkalandhyde
Instagram: @hekkalandhyde

Hekkal and Hyde2Hekkal and Hyde

Finally for today we have Avalanche Artisans.

1. What do you make/sell?

Avalanche Artisans hand turns mens luxury shaving products and “Other Sharp Stuff.”  Made from unique items such as Buffalo Horn, inside Buffalo Horn, Deer Antler, Caribou Antler, African Wart Hog, exotic sustainable woods as well as locally harvested woods (River Birch from our own property) and a combination of all.  We inlay hand ground Arizona Turquoise, and assorted hues of other semi-precious minerals.  We have a robust process for conditioning our wood which infuses stunning hues of colour thru the wood and helps waterproof the item.  For added flare, we have been known to steampunk both razors, brushes and pens.

2. Why do you make/sell it? What inspires your work?

Our work started with a simple “Lets make pens for the kids for Christmas” and grew into this very cool little family based business.  All of our kids are involved in some way!  Our work is inspired by our lifestyle.  We live on a small acreage with horses, dogs, cats and chickens whom are all well loved.

3. Is there anything you’d like to tell others about what you do?

We take great pride in both our work and our relationship with our customers.  We love doing custom work and working with clients to make that “perfect gift”!

You can find Avalanche Artisans here:

Twitter:  @avalancheartsns
Instagram:  @avalancheartisans



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