2015 Vendors

Anita’s Peg Dolls

Avalanche Artisans

Bears for Friends

Becky Warren Design

Billie Boone Vintage

Bubblegum Sass

Buttercream Clothing

Chika Ando


Crafted by Lindy

Creationz by Catherine

Cuddle my Bug

Diesel Clay

DonnaD Store

Dubbele Dutch

Ellie Greets

Folly a Tet

Garden Villa Arts

Giselle Clothing

Handmade by Patricia S

Handmade Therapy

Harmony Grace Designs

Heart and Soul Bags

Harper’s Hats

Heather Buchanan

Hekkal and Hyde

Hop ‘n Flop

IM Paper

JB Leather Supply

JDB Mercantile

Jen Gregoire Photography

Jennea Frischke

Jewelry by Amanda

Jewelry by Saveria

Joy of Little Creations

Juniper and Jay Designs

Khokho Designs


Lamb’s Soapworks

Le Petit Coco

Light Tech

Linda Cote Studio

Lively Leaf Designs

Logee Photography

Lost in Layers

Lucky Wall Art

Magpie Quilts

Maple and Oak Designs

Marian and Hazel

Milk and Honey


Mackenzie Jones

Mugs Emporium

Muladhara Yoga

Mumble Tease

Needle and Pine

Nerd Mart Customs


Ollie ‘n Dots

One Hundred Monkeys

Pet Portraits by Bri

Pink Chicken Creations

Pink Sun Malas

PK Arts and Craft

Purple Pony Art

Quadrophonic Images



Salt Water Tea

Simple Birds

Sleepy Holow Leather

Snip Snap Stitch

Sonder + Stone

Stevie and Bean Paperie


Summer Breeze

The Bleached Tee

The Otter and the Owl

The Village Hound

Three Small Fry Prims


Tracey Cameron

Tribes + Society

Trisha Flanagan

Twisted Links Jewelry

Vintage in My Dreams

Wapta Knitting Co.

Wee Thing Mee

Wire Expressions

Wooly Gems

YYC Beeswax