Thank you for nine years of memories, Calgary!

Found has closed.

Your support over the years has meant the world to me. I love this thing that Lindy and I grew, and though I intended to carry it on on my own, it also feels like it’s time to say goodbye and start something new.

I started running markets almost ten years ago now and I’ve loved the work I’ve been able to do with you all, especially for the connections I’ve made along the way. So many of you have become dear friends and sources of inspiration. The impact you’ve all had has been immense and life-changing.

Through your support, we’ve raised over $27,000 for local charities and featured 1352 vendors in 21 markets. I am so proud of you all for helping to build those numbers.

I would love it if you would stay in touch, so you’ll find me at my day job of small business photography over on @logeephoto (even if I am very forgetful about posting, I am there! And Tip Tuesday will be moving there, too!) and of course, I’ll see you all in the community. Handmade, vintage, and local are always going to be my first choices.

Thank you for everything. It has meant so much. ❤️